Testimonial: The best trainer I’ve ever had

"I can't say enough about Annie: she's much more than an instructor/trainer."

Annie Vo is not only the best trainer that I have ever had but a life guide. I came to Annie when I was in my late 50s and having trouble with my knees. At first I thought that the kettlebell exercises would damage my knees and put added strain on my body, but Annie started me from scratch and built up my lower body and core and within a year or two, I was doing all kinds of exercises without any pain or worry. I had been going to physical therapists and doctors, who were giving different advice about my knees, but Annie’s exercises and sessions made all that irrelevant. I think that the combination of the well-conceived exercises (she pushes me to the maximum), her inspiration, and little bits of advice (on diet, posture, off-day exercises, etc.) have made a world of difference in my life. After four years of weekly workouts with Annie, I’m stronger, have much more stamina, and, best of all, am more relaxed all around. I can’t say enough about Annie: she’s much more than an instructor/trainer. With her humor, personal concern, and sharp mind, she makes every tough session ultra-rewarding.

-Haruo Shirane, NYC