Testimonial: Tough but gracious

"I've got her voice echoing in my head as I do my workouts now!"

I sought Annie out as an instructor during a trip that I recently took to NYC, since there aren’t any RKC instructors in my Michigan hometown. I am a beginner to kettlebells, having discovered them at my local Y about 4 months ago. As a newbie in my mid-50s, what I needed was some assurance about my form and some assistance on some rocky points that I’ve hit. I have returned home with just that: a number of tricks and tweaks for my get ups, stretching, and swing.

She set aside not one but two sessions to work with me for the two days I had free, and I came away energized, really pumped, and excited. She’s tough: she won’t let me get away with anything–which is really important to me since I can’t work with her on a regular basis. At the same time, she’s incredibly gracious and encouraging. I can’t thank Annie enough for her patience and reminders. I’ve got her voice echoing in my head as I do my workouts now! I look forward to more sessions with her in the future.

– Carol A, Michigan